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ACCU E/O Li-Ion Sidemount auto switch

E/O battery:
Switch: Automatic
Canister: ∅70mm L: 200 - 330 mm
Charger: 110 - 220V, microprocessor control, detects charging (delta V)
Material: Anodized aluminium
Weight: - kg
CE-certificate: Yes
Cover: Cordura
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In stock: yes

SIDEMOUNT ACCU E/O Li-Ion with auto switch

  • anodised aluminium housing
  • equipped with E/O connector
  • auto switch - built-in switch that automatically detects when disconnected and switches power off
  • can be disconnected underwater (even in salt water)
  • pressure valve in the bottom lid
  • does not require opening for charging, as it is charged through the E/O connector or normal
  • charger with E/O connection included in this set
  • can supply power to a compatible torch head of any brand using the E/O system in the range of 12 - 14,4 voltage
  • can also be used to power the underwater heating vest
  • assembled to hip belt with band clips and codura cover
  • available in fore options:
  • - 14.4V, 6.75 Ah, Li-Ion battery pack    ( Ø = 70мм / L = 200мм )

    - 14.4V, 11.25Ah, Li-Ion battery pack    ( Ø = 70мм / L = 280мм )

    - 14.4V, 15.25Ah, Li-Ion battery pack    ( Ø = 70мм / L = 330мм )

  • - 14.4V,      20Ah, Li-Ion battery pack    ( Ø = 70мм / L = 330мм )

    User’s manual and warranty for this product are here


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